In response to current restrictions created by the COVID-19 health crisis, the BatStateU is waiving the Integrated / Laboratory School Admission Test. The University remains sensitive to the challenges of parents and children who intend to enroll in the BatStateU- Integrated/ Laboratory School.

This interim policy supports the flexibility options during the COVID-19 pandemic prioritizing the health and safety of the academic community and our stakeholders while enabling as much of our mission-related activities to continue as possible.

This policy applies to Integrated School applicants Kindergarten (5 years old), Grades 1 to 7,  and Laboratory School applicants – Kindergarten and Grade 7 (ARASOF-Nasugbu).


Steps in Integrated / Laboratory School Admission Application

In response to restrictions caused by COVID-19 outbreak, Batangas State University is waiving the Integrated School / Laboratory Admission Test due to COVID -19 pandemic. However, applicant must perform the following steps for admission:

  1. Fill out the BatStateU Pre-Elementary, Elementary Application form or BatStateU Junior High School Application form
  2. Fill out the BatStateU CAT Integrated School/ Laboratory School Admission Google form link by providing the name of applicant, grade level ( For Integrated School at PB Main I – Kindergarten, Grades 1 – 7 and for Laboratory School at ARASOF Kindergarten and Grade 7), grades and other needed information. The following requirements must be attached:
      • Two (2) copies of recent 2”x2” pictures, white background, good quality
      • Original &Photocopy of NSO/PSA Birth Certificate (For Kindergarten only)
      • For Transferees (Grade 1) – Scanned Copy of ECCD Checklist or
        Kinder Report Card, if available
      • For Transferees (Grades 2, 3, 4 & 6 )- Scanned Copy of SF 9 (Form 138-
        Report Card) from previous Grade Level: with no grades lower than 80%
      • For Incoming Grade 7- Scanned Copy of SF 9 (Form 138- Report Card) from previous Grade Level
        a. with general average of 90% and above
        b. without a quarter grade lower than 80%
  1. Wait for the admission result on the scheduled date of release. An e-mail with an attached Notice of Passing and an Admission Slip will be sent by the Testing and Admission Office through