1. Accomplish the College Admission Application Grades Form.
– Form 1 will be accomplished if the applicant graduated Junior High School (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS) level.

– Form 2 will be accomplished if the applicant took the Alternative Learning System (JHS Level) and regular admission to SHS.

2. Fill out the BatStateU College Application form at the

– General Requirements:
                    1. Grades Form 1 / 2
                    2. Junior High School Form 137 / Certificate of ALS Rating
                    3. Senior High School Form 137
                    4. Certificate of SHS Completion / Enrollment
– In case under AAP, additional requirements must be submitted:

  • ALS
    Certificate of ALS Completion
    Certificate of Indigency;
    Income Tax Return (Certificate of Tax Exemption)
    Certificate of Tribe Membership
  • PWD
    PWD Identification Card
    Certification from the public high school, duly signed by the school principal, of the rank of the applicant in the Top Ten of the graduating (Grade 12) class

For Regular Admission, Indigenous Student, Indigenous People, and PWD:

  1. Grades10 – Mathematics, Science, English
  2. Grade 11, 1st semester (non-STEM) – General Mathematics, Earth Science and Oral Communication
  3. Grade 11, 2nd semester (non-STEM) – Statistics and Probability, Physical Science and Reading & Writing
  4. Grade 11, 1st semester (STEM/ PBM) – Pre-Calculus, Earth Science, Oral Communication
  5. Grade 11, 2nd semester (STEM/ PBM) – Basic Calculus, General Chemistry, Reading & Writing

For Alternative Learning System applicants:

  1. Percentage of Correct Responses for Mathematical and Problem Solving Skills, Scientific Literacy & Critical Thinking and Communication Skills
  2. Grade 11, 1st semester (non-STEM) – General Mathematics, Earth Science and Oral Communication
  3. Grade 11, 2nd semester (non-STEM) – Statistics and Probability, Physical Science and Reading & Writing
  4. Grade 11, 1st semester (STEM/ PBM) – Pre-Calculus, Earth Science, Oral Communication
  5. Grade 11, 2nd semester (STEM/ PBM) – Basic Calculus, General Chemistry, Reading & Writing

The Certification must be signed and certified correct by the Principal/ School Registrar, or equivalent school officer.

3.  Wait for the confirmation from Testing and Admission Office (TAO); visit frequently the application tracker:
4.  Once the application is approved, Examination Permit will be issued.
6. Wait for the release of the BatStateU College Admission test result; scheduled date of release shall be given by TAO.
7. For qualifiers, a Notice of Admission will be posted in the BatStateUCAT link:
8. Wait for the enrollment schedule. 




Applicants who encountered problems upon receipt of the online application forms must provide a VALID e-mail account which is:

  • still accessible
  • NOT ONLYused to open personal social media accounts
  • E-mail account can be opened through Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook.
  • An APPLICATION NUMBERis automatically sent to your email address after the initial registration in the online application.
  • If you cannot find the message sent byBatStateU Testing and Admission Office (TAO) in your inbox, then check your SPAM folder. Some messages are sometimes directly rooted in your SPAM folder.
  • If no application form was sent in your email account, please contact the TAO PB Main I through 980-0385 local 1148 or

II. Application Requirements
General application requirements are as follows:

  • Duly accomplished College Admission Application Grades Form 1 (for Regular Admission, Indigenous student, Indigenous People, PWD)
  • Duly accomplished College Admission Application Grades Form 2 (for Alternative Learning System completer)
  • Junior High School Form 137 (for regular admission) / ALS Rating Certificate (for ALS Completer)
  • Senior High School Form 137

Should I bring the report cards to any BatStateU TAO filing centers?

  • No, all requirements will be evaluated through an online system. No face-to-face submission of application shall be made. The evaluation of application will be made online wherein you may check the status of your application through In case of incomplete requirements, a TAO representative will contact the applicant for the next process.

What should I consider in submitting documentary requirements?

  • TAO personnel will not accept your requirements if:
    • The document has cut off parts;
    • The document has missing pages;
    • The document has no signature;
    • The document has corrections without the countersign of an authorized person; and
    • The document is blurry and unreadable.

III. Online Application
Once you already sent your online application, kindly refrain from applying AGAIN online.  To avoid difficulties in online application, the following must be considered and checked:

  • Appropriate, true and correct information are encoded.
  • Given E-mail address is valid and highly accessible through email services like Yahoo! And Google.
  • Given E-mail address should NOT be an E-mail address that can ONLY be opened through any social media accounts.
  • Double applications will not be allowed. Submission of online application must be done ONCE.
  • Online uploaded pictures must be with white background, and of good quality.

IV. Integrity of Application
The applicant guarantees the completeness and accuracy of information disclosed or contained in documents submitted. Misrepresentation, falsification, and any form of dishonesty committed in relation to application for admission shall be sufficient ground for disqualification from admission to BatStateU.



Application Status

  • Please be informed that the application status may vary :
  • If “For Evaluation”, it means that your application is still in process.
  • If “Evaluated”, with remark/s, it means that your application has incomplete requirements/ information, that means, it must be settled properly. Thus, “Evaluated” status does not mean that your application is already approved. This means that all status with ‘EVALUATED’ but with remark/s will still be revisited for evaluation. Rest assured that all submitted online application will be accommodated before the release of Admission Result. We are still hoping for your understanding about this matter.
  • If “Approved”, all submitted requirements and applicant’s information are complete.

2. Remarks

  • No Grades Form / Unreadable / Incomplete Grades Form – The scanned copy of the signed Grades Form must be submitted at the portal. Applicant must ensure the authenticity and completeness of the provided information.

College Admission Grades Form 1— BatStateU-FO-TAO-08_Grades-Form-1-Regular-Admission (

College Admission Grades Form 2— BatStateU-FO-TAO-08-A_Grades-Form-2-Alternative-Learning-System (

If Grades Form has alteration or with corrections, applicants may provide the following for verification:
 1. Updated Grades Form without further changes nor corrections;
2. Previous Grades Form with countersign on all alterations;
3. Certified True Copy of Form 137; or
4. Certificate of Grade/s for the subject with alteration;
  • Graduated SHS – If SHS Completion year fall on year 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 or 2022, the applicant will be scheduled accordingly. An original Grade 12 report card must be brought as scheduled. The TAO personnel will message you about this matter. You may also reach us through the messaging tab of your applicant’s portal.
  • College Online Interview – If the applicant has chosen BS Nursing, BS Public Health and/ or BS Tourism programs, a schedule will be provided accordingly. Please wait for further updates about this matter through your portal and through BatStateU TAO’s official Facebook page.
  • Applicant’s information – all information that must be corrected, such as but not limited to full name, age, birthday, address, SHS Completion year, Track, Strand and specialization and encoded grades. Data Change Request is now available at the portal for your reference.
  • Wrong Encoded Grades/ With Grade Consistencies/ Subject GradeApplicant must check both the Application form and Grades Form to verify the inconsistencies between what they encoded and what is written on their Grades Form. If there are inconsistencies, applicant must request for data change and specify the subject grades and percentage that must be changed.

3. Data Change Request

  1. Proceed to Application Number and Last name are required to view your details.
  2. Look for Change Data Request in your portal, then click ‘New Request’.  A dialog box will appear.
  3. Choose the Change Type and briefly explain the reason for change. Please refer to the next photo for the list of information that can be requested.

Applicant’s Basic Information
-Name, Home Address, Birthdate, Age, Sex, Citizenship, Religion, Height

Parent’s Information
-Name, Age, Occupation, Monthly Income

Email Address/ Mobile Number

Educational Information
-SHS Name, SHS Type, Track/Strand, Specialization (required for TVL track only), Academic Status of Applicant

o Incomplete requirements (ITR/ Certificate of Tax Exemption; Certificate of SHS Completion/ Enrolment; Certificate of Indigency; Certificate of Tribe Membership; PWD ID)  – For applicants who submitted application under the Affirmative Action Program, you may resubmit the specific needed document at your portal.

o Online Picture – uploaded picture must follow the photo requirement provided by the Testing and Admission Office. You may resubmit the photo at your portal.
                                    – With white background
                                    – Of good quality
                                    – Inappropriate pictures must be avoided